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There's a fly in my soup

20 November

Shameless Self-Promotion

1960s, 60s french pop, 60s garage bands, 60s/70s soul + funk, alfred hitchcock, all in the family, allen toussaint productions, amy + david sedaris, anita ekberg, anna karina, art blakey, big eyed art, bill hicks, billy childish family tree, blue note, books on llamas, boozers users and losers, braniff babes, bruno nicolai, buzzcocks, cats, chalkware, cinevox-easytempo-cam-dagored-hexacord records, circus music, claude chabrol, claudia cardinale, cleveland cinematheque, coffee, costume shop make-up, david lynch, devo, dick gregory, dictionaries, diy lp cover art, dream babes, dream pets, dustygroove, eames era, edda dell'orso, ennio morricone, eric rohmer, fat elvis, federico fellini, female trouble, flight attendants, foreign films, france, francis wolff, french new wave, georges briard, ghoulardi, giallo films, gillian hills, girl groups, girls with guitars, giulietta masina, gomez addams tailor, gypsy music, harvey the rabbit, hornsea pottery, irma thomas, jackson china, jacqueline susann, jacqueline taieb, jacques dutronc, japanese group sound, jimmy smith, john cassavettes, john waters, jules dassin, kaleidoscopes, karate elvis, kiddles, kids in the hall, kirks crackpot cinema, kitsch, late 1950s, lee hazlewood, lisa petrucci, loop nyc, lounge music, mahna mahna, marcello mastroianni, margaret keane, mary blair, mike nesmith in nashville, modern jazz, monty python, mr ronnie tutt, muppets, my pal foot-foot, npr, nunsploitation films, optigans, pacific southwest airlines, paddy chayefsky, piero piccioni, piero umiliani, pola negri, poole pottery, portable record players, records, santa sangre, scopitones, seonna hong, serge gainsbourg, sesame street, sewing, sheldon allman, sinister country music, snow globes, sociological books, something weird video, space age, spaghetti western scores, spinal tap, stairway to stardom, stewardesses, storybook art, strawberries, t-neck isley brothers, t.rex/marc bolan, taco flavored kisses, thai food, the cake, the cramps, the rolling stones, the-decline-of-western-civilization-part-two, tiki, tim biskup, twin peaks, undertones, velvet elvis, vera neumann, view-master, vintage dresses, vintage pyrex, vintage sears catalogs, vintage toys, vinyl collecting, wanda jackson, wordless vocals, yma sumac