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28 August 2008 @ 10:18 pm
We watched Joseph Losey's Mr. Klein recently. It opens with a Nazi doctor measuring a woman's nose and ears to determine if the "patient" was Aryan enough, and that scene got me thinking about a 1920s American trial I read about a while back called the Rhinelander case.

Leonard Kip Rhinelander was a member of one of New York's wealthiest families. He married Alice Jones, a chambermaid, after the two had been involved in a three year romance. After a month of marriage and under pressure from his family, Rhinelander sought an annulment on the grounds that Alice had concealed her race (her mother was white, her father was of "mixed" race). During the trial, the court required Alice to disrobe on the witness stand for examination of her skin. The court wanted the jury to inspect the color of her nipples. Alice won the case because the court ruled that Alice had not been fraudulent about her racial identity, that she was indeed "colored" and that Rhinelander must have known she was not white.

Alice then filed a separate suit for separation from her husband claiming abandonment, and she sued his father claiming that he ruined her marriage. Alice received $31,500 plus $3,600 payable quarterly for the rest of her life. Rhinlander died in 1936, Alice died in 1989.

The back of The Royalettes LP describes the album as a "liberal concert of lush poetical songs encased in shimmering arrangements, uniquely blending the soft trumpet voices of The Royalettes", and that arranger and producer Teddy Randazzo, "wraps The Royalettes in a velvety cloak of lushness, and they respond most warmly." Hey, extravagant songs deserve an extravagant write up, right? The Royalettes released a lot of singles, but this 1966 LP "The Elegant Sound of" was their only full-length release.
Click hereTo Download The Royalettes "Love Without An End"

Click hereTo Download The Royalettes "Baby Are You Putting Me On"

Click hereTo Download The Royalettes "Don't Throw Me Away"

The Royalettes

The Royalettes

27 May 2008 @ 01:39 am
The Waitresses were a band that was quickly formed by Akron,OH musician Chris Butler because his tape of "I Know What Boys Like" generated an interest in New York. The band featured Butler's friend, sassy chain-smoking dame Patty Donahue, who indeed was a waitress. Their two original LPs and EP have never been released on CD, so here's two tracks from their 1982 LP Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?.

Click hereTo Download The Waitresses "Go On"

Click hereTo Download The Waitresses "Pussy Strut"

The Waitresses

25 March 2008 @ 01:21 am
I had the misfortune of discovering the existence of these while at the grocery store tonight.
Peep the publisher's tag line:
Hitch up your wagon and take a buggy ride into Amish country, where love, faith, and hope get a second chance at life!

And should the words "confirmed bachelor" be used to describe an Amish man who bakes bible scripture pies?
Faith Stutzman Andrews left her Missouri Amish community ten years ago to pursue her career as a comedian. Now widowed, Faith shows up on her parents' doorstep with her six-year-old daughter in tow. Will the lure of the English world prove too strong for Faith, or will she discover that home is where her heart is? Confirmed bachelor Noah Hertzler often bakes desserts that he gives to others, attaching verses of Scripture to each culinary delight in the hopes of soothing the soul as well as nourishing the body. Can Noah's tactics heal a shattered Faith before she runs away again?
09 March 2008 @ 10:52 pm
I pretty much slept 15 hours today. However, I did take a break from sleep around 1 PM to eat breakfast and buy my Kids in the Hall tickets that went on sale today. I have not had to deal with Ticketmaster in a while. I'm amazed how two $35 tickets total over $100 after all the fees. I think I got pretty decent seats, they are a little left of center, row two. Has anybody here been to the Wexner Center Mershon Auditorium in Columbus before? It's been YEARS since I've been to Columbus. I'm especially happy to see my crush in person:

The Kids In the Hall

The Kids In the Hall

The Kids In the Hall

*note The Cramps poster in the background!

The Kids In the Hall
06 March 2008 @ 09:39 pm
Whoa, it's been a while. I went back to school last semester and I'm still working 40+ hours a week, but a lack of time is not the only reason I have not been around: I simply lost interest. I know my lack of interest in planting myself in front of the computer has hit an all-time high when I even neglect Flickr. I noticed a lot of people I know on here who use to post on a regular basis seem to have disappeared. (I'm not gonna name names!) However, I have been reading a lot more lately, and I'm still loving my Nintendo DS. Oh, I sold my house last November at a loss, but I'm ecstatic that I unloaded that financial burden. I was on the verge of tears thinking I would have to pay another winters worth of gas bills for a house I wasn't living in. The irony is that the first realtor I had for over a year (who didn't do shit) was the same realtor who brought the buyer in after I got rid of him and signed with a different company at a higher commission. So, I hate/love him.

I finally got a turntable hooked up to the computer and I've gradually been transferring my vinyl. It's so easy! After some messing around with Audacity, I decided to leave most of the cracks and pops alone. Every time I zoom in on a track and get rid of them, I can notice a drop. Does anybody have any Audacity tips?

The first LPs I just had to transfer was my Marvelettes LPs, mainly their last LP. I wasn't too into it when I bought a few years ago because it so mellow, but it's been growing on me, especially this track. The album was actually suppose to be a solo album for Wanda, but Motown didn't think a Wanda solo album would sell. So, they named it The Return of the Marvelettes, and it still didn't sell well. Wanda is the only actual Marvelette on the album (the Motown house backing vocal group The Andantes back Wanda up.) Look at the cover and the mysterious, faceless gals next to Wanda. I call it yet another Motown shenanigan, but regardless, it's a pretty rad cover.

Click hereTo Download The Marvelettes "No More Tear Stained Make-up"

The Return of the Marvelettes

And does anyone here need "one more step in personal home security system and Homeland Security"?

HERE is your answer!

What a usful product! You can actually protect yourself during an attack of weapons of mass destruction and cook popcorn at the SAME TIME PEOPLE. This is way more usful Tom Ridge's duct tape and plastic over the windows plan. (discovered at http://www.geekologie.com)

And in case you didn't know it, this is the best entrance to a musical performance EVER:

Could Big Mama be any more casual? I love how it seems that she walked right off the street, and the fact she starts singing before she's at the mic. I'm in awe.
17 December 2007 @ 10:23 pm
I'll let the Weather Girls and their amazing back-up dancers handle my Christmas greetings this year:

Current Mood: grumpygrumpy
06 September 2007 @ 09:18 pm
A few weeks ago, a customer got me hip to a movie I never heard of before, Black Devil Doll From Hell. Take a look at a review HERE. It sounds like it's a crowning achievement in crackpot cinema. Has anybody seen it? Can anyone burn me a copy? I can trade for a copy. I NEED this black devil doll in my life.

I bought a Nintendo DS last week just so I can play Animal Crossing. In less than one week, I've already expanded my house twice and Nook has expanded his store twice. If you know what that means, then I think you can deduce that I pretty much live the life of a slacker with no ambition and few adult responsibilities. Rock on!

My house that's for sale has been on the market over a year. I've changed realtors, dropped the price 3 times, and added that I'm willing to pay the buyer's closing costs. Apparently, trying to sell a modest, older house in NE Ohio right now is like trying to sell a turd. At least the local meth heads have not broken into it and and stolen the copper piping(yet!) Hey, I understand the meth heads have to make a living too, but I need kinda need those pipes.

Also, the country stylings of The Nez are in constant rotation.

Click hereTo Download Michael Nesmith "Some of Shelly's Blues"

Click hereTo Download Michael Nesmith "Hollywood"

Michael Nesmith
21 August 2007 @ 09:41 pm
Here's two female versions of "Tar & Cement", originally by Italian singer-songwriter-actor-all around cool guy, Adriano Celentano. Does anybody have his version they could share? And speaking of Italian singers, was it somebody on LiveJournal who posted a Rita Pavone file this past June or July? I downloaded it, totally forgot about it, and I just realized I needed a password to open the file. Anybody?
And YAY for LJ buddies Linnea bodyinthegarden and Evan cycloplegia! They got engaged recently, which isn't a surprise, but it's still awesome.

Verdelle Smith

Click hereTo Download Verdelle Smith "Tar and Cement"

Francoise Hardy

Click hereTo Download Francoise Hardy' "La Maison Ou J'ai Grandi"

A visually pleasing video for Hardy's "La Maison Ou J'ai Grandi"

Dig the...biker girls(!?) in this Hardy video for "La Maison Ou J'ai Grandi."

Adriano Celentano performs his version, "Il ragazzo della via Gluck."

05 August 2007 @ 11:24 pm
Movin' With Nancy


Click hereTo Download Lee Hazlewood "My Autumn's Done Come"

Click hereTo Download Lee Hazlewood "So Long, Babe"

Click hereTo Download Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra "Sundown, Sundown"

Click hereTo Download Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra "I've Been Down So Long (It Looks Like Up To Me)"

19 July 2007 @ 12:38 am
Ike & Tina Turner Revue @ the Soul To Soul concert in Ghana

The Soul To Soul music festival took place on March 6, 1971 in Ghana, West Africa. It was filmed and made into a documentary, along with other footage of the American music acts assimilating into the culture. These two Ike and Tina Turner songs are from their performance at the festival. Guitar solo aficionados will probably appreciate Ike's crazed solo at the end of "I Smell Trouble."

Click hereTo Download Ike & Tina Turner "Soul To Soul"

Click hereTo Download Ike & Tina Turner "I Smell Trouble"

Ike & Tina
27 June 2007 @ 12:40 pm
Twin Peaks Postcard

I was scanning some of my Lynch related stuff to put on Flickr, and for the hell of it, checked YouTube to see if the SNL parody sketch starring Kyle MacLachlan has been posted. MacLachlan hosted SNL the same month that the first episode of Twin Peaks season two was airing. People were going nuts trying to figure out who really killed Laura Palmer, plus there were a lot of cliff-hangers at the end of season one. If you know the show, I think you'll get a kick out of this.

Also, in 1987 Dennis Hopper hosted SNL because his role in Blue Velvet "resurrected" his career. In that SNL, there's a skit where Frank Booth has a game show. Unforch, I couldn't find that on YouTube):
12 June 2007 @ 08:18 pm
Gigi & The Charmaines were a Cincinnati, OH girl group. In addition to their own single releases, they also sang back-up on various recordings by James Brown, Conway Twitty, Gary US Bonds, Little Willie John, + more. Their 1964 version of Ike & Tina Turner's "I Idolize You" wails! As much as I like Ike & Tina Tuner, I think the Charmaines version is superior.

Gigi & The Charmaines

Click hereTo Download Gigi & The Charmaines "I Idolize You"

Here's 2 more versions, the 1963 original + the 1995 version by Jon Spencer's band, Boss Hog.

Click hereTo Download Ike & Tina Turner "I Idolize You"

Click hereTo Download Boss Hog "I Idolize You"

Also, I just moved by vintage fabric sales over to Etsy, HERE

Coming soon to my Etsy shop!
06 May 2007 @ 09:41 pm
I don't know much about The Spandells except that they had one 45 on Dimension in 1964, "Say No Girl" b/w "The Boy Next Door."

Click hereTo Download The Spandells "Say No Girl"

Also, I just created a public Flickr group for "girl group" related pics/scans HERE

And this Ike & Tina Turner video is AMAZING!

01 April 2007 @ 11:15 pm
There's one thing about me that has not changed since I was about 15, and that's the obsession/fascination I have for these two:

So, about 5 or 6 years ago my mailman (yeah, I said "mailman") did a super rad favor for me and put some of my LPs on CD for me. One of which was a Cramps live bootleg recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, March 14, 1986 that I got when I worked at a vinyl store in high school. I think the quality is about average for a boot, but I reckon you have to already be a fan to dig it. Also, I didn't take the time to name all the files/songs, if you're a Cramps fan, you know the names.

Click hereTo Download The Cramps Live in London 1986

And fuck, rock n roll doesn't get any more wild than The Cramps playing at the Napa State Mental Hospital in 1978 (audience participation included!)

If you're not a fan, well, that's your misfortune. But I think more people should appreciate the vast knowledge these two have of obscure/bizarre/exotic music and film. Seriously, I'd be ecstatic if they wrote a book. Here's a shot under the cut of the gruesome twosome in their LP lair:

Crate Diggin CrampsCollapse )
21 March 2007 @ 10:58 pm
I'm a serious Monkees fan, so serious, that I'll gladly stand by them through the 1970s. Here's 2 songs from their post-Peter-departure 1969 LP Instant Replay. Plus I put up the Nesmith song "St. Matthew", that was a bonus track on the Instant Replay Rhino CD release.

Click hereTo Download The Monkees "Through the Looking Glass"

Click hereTo Download The Monkees "Tear Drop City"

Click hereTo Download The Monkees "St.Matthew"

And, here's The Monkees "performing" "Tear Drop City" on the Glen Campbell show (somebody, anybody, PLEASE wrestle Davy to the ground. Let's hope he was being sarcastic there.)

15 March 2007 @ 03:57 pm

Cookie Hearts Hearts
Originally uploaded by nurse_marbles.

13 March 2007 @ 11:02 pm
Here's the complete 1964 LP A Bit Of Liverpool by The Supremes, which has Beatles covers + more. My personal fav is "You Can't Do That", and of course, their dapper outfits on the cover.

Click hereTo Download The Supremes "A Bit Of Liverpool"

And on the EBAY front, I have tons of cute vintage fabric on the cheap ending in a couple days, which can be found HERE.
09 January 2007 @ 02:04 am
I know a lot of you guys are Grey Gardens fans, and if you have not done so already, go buy/rent the new Beale movie made from unused footage, The Beales Of Grey Gardens. There's more ice cream eating, sunbathing, and costume changes than most can handle! Here's some highlights:

Jazzy feet.

Living the (Miller) high life.

Yowzers! That matress...

Big Edie's talons.

Note the dress...

Note the dress as a head wrap. Genius!

I WISH ice cream still came in boxes like that.

20 December 2006 @ 02:31 pm
Here's two more rare Rolling Stones tracks from their early days, both are Bo Diddley covers. And if you missed it the first time, HERE
is the link to my other rare Rolling Stones post.

Click hereTo Download The Rolling Stones "Roadrunner"

Click hereTo Download The Rolling Stones "Diddley Daddy"

And speaking of Bo Diddley, a couple newly added videos popped up on YouTube and they're AMAZING. The girls' wigs in the first video looks like they scalped them off the Ronettes! And the sassy lady with the guitar is Norma-Jean Wofford aka The Duchess.

The Duchess

Bo shows the world how to rock.

Diddley performing "Roadrunner"

07 December 2006 @ 05:14 pm
Don't know how to properly display your Hershey's Kisses this holiday season? The answer? Add some dazzle to a bleach bottle and, voila! Is there anything more appetizing than candy you can pick off a bleach bottle? I think not.

Here's a 1968 soulful psych version of "Silent Night" by Rotary Connection.

Click hereTo Download Rotary Connection's "Silent Night Chant"

Maybe I do believe in a god, the thrift store god (or a tiki god?), because yesterday I scored a HUGE stack of vinyl for $2, which included this:

It's a bit scratched, but still listenable. And the cover is gorgeous! I also got a bunch of funk break beat 45s including 2 by the Incredible Bongo Band and I got Jean Dushon's 1966 mod jazz LP "Feeling Good". Oh, and a few weeks ago, I bought 2 original Rotary Connection LPs at a thrift store in Cleveland. What is going on? I never find this much good vinyl at thrift stores all at once. I guess all I can say is, "Thank you Baby Jesus, thank you."
22 November 2006 @ 10:01 pm
Before the Washington DC group was known as The Jewels, they had also had recorded under the names The Impalas and The Four Jewels. Their song "Opportunity" made it to the One Kiss Can Lead To Another Rhino box set, but the flip-side, "Gotta Find A Way", is pretty rare, I reckon.

Click hereTo Download The Jewels' "Gotta Find A Way"

Oh boy, I came across this gem at a charity sale today. Now I too can knit a Joan Crawford afghan! Joan looks so matronly, and I think that wig looks a *bit* off. And the gaze! Perfection. From 1972.

And for all the Mario nerds, I scanned the cheats for the card matching game in Super Mario Bros.3 from my 1990 Nintendo Power SMB3 strategy guide. I never play SMB3 without it and neither should you.

14 November 2006 @ 01:26 am
Chris and I saw Fellini's 1965 surreal film Juliet of the Spirits on the big screen in Toronto last summer. If it ever plays at a theater near you, go! This film is especially visually stunning on the big screen. I usually don't post full albums, but the score is only 31 minutes long and rare, so enjoy!

Click hereTo Download Nino Rota's Juliet of the Spirits full score

02 November 2006 @ 09:20 pm
Listen people, "Mike Patton is not God!"

So, a few months ago there was an episode of Days of Our Lives that mentioned Mike Patton and some of the bands he's been in. Obviously, there must be a writer on the show that's a fan of his and wanted to give a nod to Patton. Warning: What you are about to see will make you cringe and/or shudder, Mike Patton fan or not:

Can you freakin' believe this??? OMG, and I LOVE the line "You've been reading my blog!" Wow, those soap opera writers are really "hip." And sorry smooveazz, I don't think you can top this one in the Faith No More acts of dorkiness history book, but I'd like to see you try:)

Moving on, today I posted a 1960s soul/girl group single on Shrine Records by Les Chansonettes. One of the founders of Shrine was Raynoma Gordy Singleton, ex-wife of Berry Gordy.
Shrine Records are known for being rare because at the time the singles that were released were not big hits, and the unsold stock was destroyed by a fire in the 1968 Martin Luther King riots in D.C.

Click hereTo Download Les Chansonettes "Don't Let Him Hurt You"

And if you like films that take place in early 1970s New York City, watch The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Armed men hijack a subway and demand ransom for the passengers, but how will they escape being limited to the underground subway tunnels? Tarantino got the idea for the Mr.(insert color here) Reservoir Dogs character names from the hijacker characters in this film.

Monster Shindig was an LP released by Hanna Barbera I believe in 1966. It featured The Gruesomes, The Flintstones' ghastly neighbors. The song "Monster Shindig" was written and recorded by Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night.

Click hereTo Download "Monster Shindig"

And if you like suspense-sex dramas, get Lucio Fulci's Lizard in a Woman's Skin (aka Schizoid, aka Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna) now!

From an IMDB user: "Florinda Bolkan plays the daughter of a prominent English politician who keeps having recurring "nightmares" in which she makes love to a bisexual nympho who lives downstairs and conducts all-night LSD orgies. When the nocturnal wet dreams become murderous, the neighbor turns up dead, and Florinda is the main suspect. Did she actually commit the murder she dreamed about? Is she being framed by her philandering husband? Did Florinda actually make nightly visits downstairs aside from borrowing the occasional cup of sugar? How DID Florinda's letter opener end up stuck in the dead neighbor's chest anyway? The complex plot unfolds amidst red herrings, outlandish dream sequences, lesbian hanky panky, and ominous close-ups of Florinda Bolkan's guilt-ridden facial expressions every time someone mentions the murder. All this takes place in swinging late-1960's London."

I like Lizard a lot more than Fulci's other films. I guess Fulci was really conservative in real life and despised "hippies", which would explain some of the absurd ideas he had about them , and especially LSD. The two "hippies" didn't notice a murder happen right in front of them because they were filled with LSD "from their head to toes." Right, Fulci. And they probably jumped out a window after the movie was over. But the awesome part of him thinking that all hippies are strung-out nymphomaniac murderers, is that it makes great cinema. Anyhow, to top it off, the score by Morricone stellar.

Click hereTo Download Ennio Morricone's "Giorno Di Notte" from Lizard in a Woman's Skin

01 October 2006 @ 01:01 pm
The Delmonas were a vocal group that were backed by The Milkshakes (which included Billy Childish, who would write the Delmonas original songs, like this one.) Same concept of the Thee Headcoatees, but before them. Though I do think one of the gals from The Delmonas did end up being in Thee Headcoatees as well. I probably could have said that this song came from an Asian country in the 1960s and you may have believed me. Or am I wrong?:)

Click hereTo Download The Delmonas' "He Tells Me He Loves Me"

So a while back, I sold a bunch of my out of print VHS for cash and shelf space in hopes that they would be released on DVD eventually. One of the tapes was Over The Edge, the teen angst movie from 1979 that was based on a real event. Thankfully, it is out on DVD now, and I have a copy. I watched it again recently, and I was surprised at how well it holds up for a "teen" movie. There's only one scene that made me cringe a little due to cheesiness. These are some of the most bad-ass group of 14-year-olds you'll see on film. It's got it all: Drug dealing and usage (not in a corny way though), boozing, car stealing and chases, destruction of property, big belt buckles, and a soundtrack that includes The Cars, The Ramones, and Cheap Trick. And it has one of those bleak, unresolved endings like, say, The Graduate. This movie doesn't try to be cool, it just is cool. So Tim Hunter co-wrote Over the Edge and he also wrote and directed The River's Edge. He so missed the boat by not making an Over The Edge Kids Vs. The River's Edge Kids movie. The thought probably never crossed his mind, hmph!

Matt Dillon: "I only got one law: A kid who tells on another kid, is a dead kid."

Ahhh, the teenager's sanctuary: His bedroom with a turntable and mega-headphones.

14-year-old business hash deal

Riot time!

Yay! I made it back from my Nashville trip in one piece, so I figured I'd post some songs that have absolutely nothing to do with Nashville. Here's an example of Diana going into diva land in 1966, a Supremes track with NO backing vocals, just Diana singing. I like it though. I guess there's really not a place for backing vocals on a song like this. There's a weird clicking noise that *I guess* is suppose to be percussion, but it sounds a bit off. Also, for some reason my MP3 converter software would not work on this CD, so I had to rip it as a .wma file. Sorry you MAC suckers!:) Send your complaints to Motown/Universal U.K.

Click hereTo Download The Supremes' "These Boots Are Made For Walking"

And now, en francis. I couldn't find a pic of Eileen from this time period (1970?), so here's an older EP cover pic.

Click hereTo Download Eileen's "Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher"
10 September 2006 @ 10:33 pm
This Wed. I'm off to Nashville with Mark for vacation. This should be interesting. Mark and I have been BFF since 1996, but we've never been on a LONG road trip together. We did survive together working in a saloon in Cedar Point one summer, so I'm sure we'll be fine on this 4 day trip. Insert bad joke here: I want to score some old cowboy LPs and Mark wants to score some young cowboys. Have a great week mates!

Oh, I was bad again because I bought ANOTHER chair last week, this one is from the 1950s:
28 August 2006 @ 09:43 pm
Hot damn! I can't get enough of rock n roll Conway Twitty. He wailed way back yonder, my peeps. Not as refined a Big E. or Gene Vincent, but still pretty darn good.

Click hereTo Play/Download Conway Twitty's The Long Black Train

Click hereTo Play/Download Conway Twitty's Lonely Blue Boy

And it only makes sense(in my head) that after playing some Twitty, I post some more Night Gallery screen caps. These are from "The Diary" starring Patty Duke.

Trash Talkin' Lady

A young Michael Anderson? And who's that foxy lady in the yellow suit?!?

Get a load of that mustache. Ay Caramba!

Fact: Post Patty Duke show, her roles tend to end with her getting locked up. I'm not lying!
14 August 2006 @ 08:01 pm
Last halloween I was whining HERE about how La Tarantola Dal Ventre Nero should be released on DVD. Well, since then it has and I now have it. I posted the "closing" theme this time along with some screen caps. Ahhh, there's nothing like seeing beautiful women's torsos being ripped open while a haunting, yet subtle Morricone score plays. Italy in the 1970's is where it's at for glamour gore, kids!

Click hereTo Download Ennio Morricone's Un Uomo Si E Dimesso

11 August 2006 @ 07:58 pm

"There's one thing I couldn't capture: Her cruelty."

Taint it the truth...

Enter the GalleryCollapse )
12 July 2006 @ 10:29 pm
Here's another gem I scored while on vacation, a cover of "Summer Wine" by Marie Laforet. I purposely looked for this in the Paris Virgin Megastore and here's why:A few years back at the flea market I was lp digging at a table run by a man I call "Big Man in Lawn Chair." This guy always had great stuff in PRISTINE condition, he was SUPER nice, and he would give awesome deals without me even asking for one! I recall picking up records that he had marked at a book value of $20 and up, and he would say "How about $5?" Sweet! So one day I came across this Marie Laforet EP (in the picture sleeve) with this cover of "Summer Wine." I think he charged me 50 cents. But what's weird is that it was the only French record he had. How random! How does this happen? I think phyllisgabor has a theory about French LPs/EPs popping up randomly, something to do with American tourists abroad in the 1960s, I believe. Sadly, Big Man in Lawn Chair's bigness finally caught up with him, and I heard he *almost* died. His family cleared out his spot at the flea market(What? Nobody wanted to take over the family business?!?) and I do not know what happened to him. So anyhow, I really wanted a CD with this song. A record label called Magic Records has released many volumes on CD of all of Laforet's EPs. I just picked up the one I was looking for because, after a $200 shoe shopping spree, I was not prepared to invest in a $200 Marie Laforet instant complete collection. Those-are-the-breaks. Also, I put up the Nancy and Lee version which is hard to find on CD. Somebody needs to re-issue ALL of their songs. C'mon, there's a market for it. That would be much better than polluting the earth with Hazlewood tributes that include people like Evan Dando, blech!
EDIT - I just realized that I knocked a Lee Hazlewood tribute and at the same time, posted a Hazlewood cover song. Oh well, I think you guys know what I mean...:)

Click hereTo Download/Play Marie laforet's "Le Vin De L'ete (Summer Wine)"

Click hereTo Download Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra's "Summer Wine"
28 June 2006 @ 08:11 pm
I've majorly been neglecting my blog for a few reasons, 1. I'm getting ready to move AND put my house up for sale and 2. when I am planted in front of the computer, I'm watching You Tube. Seriously, when will the You Tube addiction end? So anyhow, when I was on vacation in London/Paris in May, I did some shopping. I didn't do too much damage because I hate hauling around extra weight when traveling by planes, trains, and foot. I did buy four pairs of shoes (all were necessary, I swear!) and some music (vinyl and CDs.) This Sheila track is from a CD that's one of the fruits I acquired. It's a cover of "Don't Hang Up", which was a sorta hit by The Orlons. And where in France in 1963 did they find an almost freakish-ly low baritone that sounds just like they guy from The Orlons? That's what I want to know...

Click hereTo Download/Play Sheila's "Ne raccroche pas"

Click hereTo Download/Play The Orlons' "Don't hang Up"
07 June 2006 @ 11:54 pm
"If I want, I can pull ya by your hair."
I bet you didn't know just how darn sexy The Banana Splits were, did ya?

Click hereTo Download The Banana Splits' "I'm Gonna Find a Cave"

And of course, the YouTube video for this song. I swear, what isn't there a YouTube video for?!?! Amazing...
Banana YouTube

Totally un-related to the Banana Splits, but about the best thing EVER to hit the YouTube. It's a clip from the public access variety show Stairway To Stardom.

One more thing, I have a BIG favor to ask. This past February, WFMU posted a link to a site that was hosting a zip file that was 80 MP3s of live Paul Stanley between song banter called "People, Let Me Get This Off My Chest." The site that was hosting it got overloaded and had to remove the file. Did anybody manage to download it while it was up??? I am not kidding when I say that I need this!!! Comment if you can help. Here's links to the original posts:WFMU,PostPunkJunk

10 May 2006 @ 01:31 am
Here's my 2nd fav Patricia Carli tune, this one is from 1967. It's a lot different from the dreamy slow song of hers that I posted HERE. Can anybody understand the chorus? Something about "the lion, it's good." What? What is really being said here?

Click hereTo Download Patricia Carli "Le Lion"

Here's some early Morricone from the 1965 movie Slalom. Now, slalom is skiing on a downhill zig-zag course in english, but does it mean the same thing in italian? Most likely. The only thing I know about the movie is that it's a comedy. So, picture slaloming hijinks involving the lady with turban hat and this song playing in the background. This must be one helluva movie.
Click hereTo Download Ennio Morricone's "Slalom"

03 May 2006 @ 11:18 pm
I got a 1960s collection of Michele Torr sometime last year and pretty much forgot about it until now. I think I put her cover of Donovan's "Sunshine Superman" on a CD comp I made for some fellow LJ-er's, but that's the only attention I've given her. Shame on me! I think I listened to this collection once when I first got it, nothing really stood out, and so I filed it away. Then today I pull it out and I can't stop listening. Isn't it weird how things like this happen? For example, the first time I heard Scott Walker I HATED him. Then one day I decided to to give him a second chance, and I couldn't stop listening to him for months. Now I'm ambivalent towards him, but I guess that could be a whole other post. Has this happened to you guys before, be it music, directors, writers, etc? And who? Now here's two Michele Torr songs. "Dandy" is a Kinks cover, which is another band I'm ambivalent about, go figure.

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Michele Torr has an official website HERE that has a nice discography with pics that goes back to 1964, but it appears to be incomplete.
01 May 2006 @ 01:42 am
The 1980 album 'Nikki and The Corvettes' was their only LP, but I do believe Nikki has done some work since, including writing a book. Oh, and I think she's on MySpace because I recall jadeblade saying Nikki sent her comments. How sweet is that? Pretty darn sweet, but not still not sweet enough me to get roped into the vile world of bile that I call MySpace. Though I'm sure someday I'll probably get sucked in...
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The Donnas are big Nikki & The Corvettes fans. I have this Donnas 45 and on the wall in the background is a Nikki and The Corvettes poster. Years ago, I went to see the Donnas at Peabody's in Cleveland when it was still in the Flats. That place was such a shit hole. Not in a "Ooo, that place is seedy" way, like literally the toilets would always overflow and they would be piss and who-knows-what-else everywhere kind of way. The night of the Donnas show there was a leak upstairs and water was pouring onto the stage where their equipment was. So, they had to cancel the show, and refund the ticket money. So basically, we drove an hour so I could buy this $4 45 and I never did get to see them. "Speedin Back To My Baby" was originally on the Kiss Ace Frehley album. And yes, I own that too, but don't tell anybody. Chris (the boyfriend) was a Kiss fan as a kid and in 1975 or 1976 (I can't remember which) his mom's boyfriend took him to see Kiss. He says he stopped being a Kiss fan in 1978 when these 4 Kiss solo albums came out because he knew they were just a money making machine and how the heck did Kiss expect him to have enough allowance money to buy all four LPs?!? This was probably a good thing that his stint in the Kiss Army ended then, because I don't think I'd be able to date a hardcore Kiss fanatic, for real. Oh, and this version is not from the 45, it's from a Lookout! comp that has a Munster's intro at the beginning.



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20 April 2006 @ 01:17 am
After weeks of shakiness, my computer finally and completely crapped out, thus the lack of posts and/or comments. Well, I guess it did not completely crap out, but let's just say opening an IE window was too much for it to handle. Now I'm borrowing Chris' older (and much slower) E Machine. At least now I can post without getting IE errors every 3 minutes. But I digress...The Marvelettes. It's hard to believe that for the group who had the first #1 hit for Motown (Please Mr. Postman), there are so few (decent/good quality) pictures on the internet of them from there heyday. Somebody out there has to have some, right? Google the Marvelettes and you get the same 5-10 pics from the 1960s, none from the 1970s, and then a bunch of pics of the women who currently tour as the Marvelettes. What a shame...And THIS is tempting, has anybody read it? I would expect that there's some Diana Ross and Berry Gordy trash talkin' in it, no?

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And this one is especially for phyllisgabor because I have this feeling that if she does already own it, it's an LP. So here's Cha Cha Cha in glorious digital.

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And I'll jump on the You Tube bandwagon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdwpMQ7gnv0
20 March 2006 @ 08:32 pm
I've been a no-posting schmuck lately, so I'll post two songs today to make-up for my lack of blogging activity. OK? Ready? Go! The first track is from the Jess Franco's film Eugenie...The Story Of Her Journey Into Perversion. Automatically, I'm a fan of anything that starts with the phrase "The Story of Her Journey Into..." This is the title track composed by Bruno Nicolai and it's full-on drug induced-sleazy-sadomasochistic groove. The whole soundtrack is pretty sweet, I think Dusty Groove still carries it. I pretty much rank Nicolai right up there Morricone, which would make sense since both of them worked together a lot. Oh, and the score also features some wordless vocals by Edda Dell'Orso. You can't go wrong with this one.


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Next is Michel Polnareff's "L'Oiseau de Nuit" (The Bird of Night) from 1966(?) I don't know that much about Polnareff. Though, these lines from his AMG biography struck me as odd:"By 1970, his stage costumes had become more flamboyant. The French press began questioning his sexuality..." Who WASN'T flamboyant in 1970, especially male musicians!?! What a crazy thing to say or think. Just because a man likes to strut around in a red feather boa, does NOT always mean he's packing fudge. And if so, who cares? I guess these "speculations" resulted in him being assaulted while performing which then led to him being treated in a hospital for depression. He *may* live in the U.S. right now. Oh Michel, you can hide out at my house, and bring your flamboyant wardrobe so we can play dress-up. XOXO, Nurse M.

Click here to Download Michel Polnareff's "L'Oiseau de Nuit"

EDIT - Now I REALLY want Michel Polnareff to come over because I just saw this clip from the 1980s:HERE 20 years later and STILL wearing the same sunglasses AND he adds some robot flavor into the mix. *swoons*